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    Lionfish and Wine Tasting during the Save The Reef Party!

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    Lionfish and Wine Tasting during the Save The Reef Party!
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    As a one of the most popular destinations of the Caribbean, Aruba takes great pride in preserving her natural flora and fauna while simultaneously providing tourists with fun activities and authentic experiences.   A great example for this certainly is the Lionfish and Wine tasting event, also known as the Save the Reef party held at Nos Clubhuis, on November 29th from 7 to 10pm at Hadicurari Beach. 

    Organized Lionfish Derbies will spear up approximately 150 kilos of the tasty fish for party goers to sample at the Save the Reef Party held at Nos Clubhuis, upstairs from Hadicurari Restaurant on November 29th from 7 to 10pm. 

    Hosted by the ARUBA MARINE PARK FOUNDATION and Aruba Wine and Dine, the sunset happy hour event promises to feed its guests with an assortment of Lionfish tastings donated from Aruba’s volunteer Lionfish Hunters.  To create more excitement for the event a lovely wine tasting will be sponsored courtesy of Romar Trading.

    Learn more about the predatory Lionfish from Marine Biologist Byron Boekhoudt and volunteer Lionfish hunters, while sampling creative ways to enjoy Lionfish.  Artistic chefs will team up and share their recipes to teach you to enjoy this tasty, firm white fish.  With the highest concentration of heart – healthy Omega -3 fatty acids and its health benefits healthier than red snapper, grouper, mahi mahi and wahoo, the Lionfish is also very low in mercury and lead.

    Besides being healthy and tasty, there is a more important reason for making Lionfish your dinner special.  There are just way too many of them in our waters. Because our local fish do not recognize their danger, our fish swim towards the pretty colorful Lionfish and get gobbled up.  Lionfish lure our Groupers and Red Snapper, eat our Lobster and deplete our reefs by swallowing anything that gets in their path.  “Lionfish is an invasive species which threatens to displace our local species of fish. To prevent this from happening, the non-indegenous Indo- Pacific Lionfish population has to be controlled” explains Marine Biologist Byron Boekhoudt.

    Worse Lionfish have no known ocean predators and repopulate quickly.  Because the female Lionfish produces 2million eggs each year, this keeps Aruba’s volunteer Lionfish Hunters spearing each beautiful spiny menace, one by one. 

    If you’re ready to try Lionfish for the first time, request the tasty fish at your favorite Seafood Restaurants in Aruba.    

    Tickets for the Save the Reef Lionfish Tasting /Wine Tasting Event on Sunday, Nov 29 can be purchased at the Jolly Pirates Gift Shop for only Awg 50.   The Eat them To Beat them Lionfish Sponsors include the Aruba Marine Park Foundation, Volunteer Lionfish Hunters, Romar Trading,  Jolly Pirates, Aruba Wine and Dine, and D’Art.   Please call 592 7858 for more Party Information.