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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Local Artist Erika Moran is Caribbean Queen for November 2016

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    Local Artist Erika Moran is Caribbean Queen for November 2016
    Caribbean Queen November Erika Moran

    Each month, Caribbean Queen at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall honors one local female artist who lives and creates here.  For the month of November 2016, local artist Erika Moran is the boutique's celebrated Caribbean Queen

    As a painter, Erika usually expresses herself on canvas, using acrylic paint. She also embellishes fedoras and sunhats with beautiful acrylic designs, capturing Aruba's pristine beaches and the ocean’s contrasting colors. She also mixes in local icons and symbols such as Aruba’s national tree, the Alto Vista Chapel, the historic California Lighthouse, and cunucu landscapes.

     Caribbean Queen Erika Moran

    Her art doesn't only capture the island’s beauty and history; it also pays tribute to great experiences, memories, and stories enjoyed by visitors in our landscapes.

    Caribbean Queen earmarks a percentage of all sales for its Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) program. The collected funds are given annually to local non-profit organizations in an ongoing effort to serve the community. 

    Caribbean Queen Erika Moran  Caribbean Queen Erika Moran Caribbean Queen Erika Moran