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    Madiki Receives Final Touches After Surpassing All Obstacles

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    Madiki Receives Final Touches After Surpassing All Obstacles

    While standing next to Aruba's Prime Minister Mike Eman earlier  this week, Minister of Infrastructure Benny Sevinger showed the local press the tremendous work put into the first phase of the renovation of the Madiki neighborhood in Downtown Oranjestad.

    The enhancement of this area is in the hands of Better Infrastructure Company (BIC) N.V. and has nearly completed the first phase after confronting and surpassing many obstacles with the asphalt.   Now only the installation of small final touches like plants, light poles and speedbumps are to be made.

    “When we started the first phase, we encountered many old pipes that had to be replaced; this was the initial setback. Then we had a problem with the lack of available asfalt on Aruba.  Little by little the obstacles were surpassed and today we can say the project is practically finished,” stated Minister Sevinger,  “This was a good experience as it has given all parties involved including contractors, InfraTeam and Department of Public Works (DOW) a better preparation for the next phase of the project.”

    “There have been many petitions made requesting speedbumps by residents of Madiki, even though they were included in original plan.  It seems that despite the roads being narrowed and now one-way, irresponsible drivers continue to drive at high speeds in this residential neighborhood,” stated Sevinger.  

    "The residents have expressed their concernswith petitions requesting “sleeping police,” Minister Sevinger explained that DOW is implementing these speedbumps into the design of the project, “In the most recent days, we have received numerous petitions from all neighborhoods because drivers continue to speed in residential neighborhoods.  DOW is actually working on prefabricated crosswalks that are actually wider than sleeping police, which will eliminate the need to change any traffic laws.”

    “LED lights will also be installed to increase the safety and security in Madiki, as has already been done in other neighborhoods on the island.  We are waiting for the next shipment to arrive in order to continue the work and the Madiki neighborhood will receive these lights,” Sevinger remarked. Much of the foliage has already been planted including fruit trees, flowers and to provide shady areas on different streets of the first phase.  The second phase will begin soon in the neighborhood of Anglo Kleuterschool to Driemasterstraat and then cross the street to continue with Paradijs and Bushiri.