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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa teamed up with Aruba Doet

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    Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa teamed up with Aruba Doet
    Manchebo Aruba Doet

    Last week Saturday on March 11th 2017 the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, in cooperation with ARUBA DOET, organized a delightful luncheon at the resort’s Pavilion on the beach for approximately 50 elderly persons of “Curazon di Savaneta” foundation.

    Musical entertainment was hosted by “Trio di Savaneta” together with steelband music  by “Tico Kock” for the group’s delight and enjoyment. 

    Manchebo Beach Resort & Team Members have actively participated for 5 consecutive years with voluntary initiatives and contributions.   This year the elderly members of Curazon di Savaneta  received an exceptional ‘Luncheon Treat’ prepared by Chef Sandro and his team.  Eventhough a very windy afternoon, each and everyone did have a good time and also a marvelous opportunity of social interaction and unwinding. 

    Manchebo Aruba Doet

    Manchebo’s Team are firmly committed to ‘giving a helping hand’ and assisting whenever needed, giving both the Team members various charitable associations and groups a sense of “Love, Cooperation, Spiritual Enlightenment & Togetherness”

    ARUBA DOET is organized by CEDE ARUBA in partnership with Oranje Fonds. CEDE Aruba is a development and co-financing organization that supports programs and projects in the field of welfare in Aruba. The Oranje Fonds is the biggest national fund in the social area and showcases the best of the Kingdom has to offer. Every year the foundations support organizations and initiative that strengthen social cohesion in the Netherlands and Caribbean. The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima are the protectors of the foundation.