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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Manchebo Resort & Spa celebrating Health Week

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    Manchebo Resort & Spa celebrating Health Week
    Health week Manchebo

    The health and wellness oriented Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa celebrated their Employee’s Health Week the second week of November.  During this week the resort together with their employees focused on a healthy lifestyle.

    The week started off with guest speaker Mirto Tromp and Lourdes Kock regarding Dental insurance plan and Dental care. On Wednesday the team got together for a beach cleanup filling many bags with plastic waste and other trash. The intimate boutique resort & spa also organized a Cunucu walk in the Arikok park with a park ranger explore the beautiful flora and fauna of the island. The employees got to stretch & relax during the guided yoga class by yoga instructor Andrea and Xavi playing live guitar. On Friday Meredith Marin from VeganAruba presented a very interesting topic “How to eat well on a budget” followed by the Blood Bank presentation. The cafeteria lunch for employees offered many healthy options including couscous, quinoa and spinach salads. Fruit infused water is located throughout the property to keep employees as well as guests hydrated during their day. The week ended with a beautiful sunset during the annual Baranca fishing in Malmok.

    Manchebo provides a variety of activities to keep the body moving and the mind calm. Yoga and Pilates classes are offered daily and health and wellness retreats fill the calendar. Yoga, fitness, health and wellness experts are traveling from around the world to Manchebo offering its guests a unique and healthy vacation option.