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    Marriott Aruba Surf Club with a New Look Inspired by Aruba’s Local Ambience

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    Marriott Aruba Surf Club with a New Look Inspired by Aruba’s Local Ambience

    The Marriott Aruba Surf Club Lighthouse building recently initiated a complete renovation of $12.9 million after receiving a soft renovation in 2009. 

    A local theme inspired by the turquoise waters and vibrant colors of Aruba was used as new design for the renovation. The design captures the true Caribbean spirit and features Aruba’s renowned landmarks and beautiful sceneries translated into a tranquil yet sophisticated ambience. The guest rooms are being completely re-furnished with new furniture, stainless steel appliances, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, balcony furniture, blu-ray DVDs and local themed artwork to mention a few. The project initiated on September 6th, 2014 and is set to be completed by October 31st, 2014, a total duration of 8 weeks.

    The Maragh Family was welcomed by the Director of Operations, Mr. Pedro Vargas, and was the first guests to experience the newly renovated rooms. “The rooms are beautiful and the new furniture is really nice. What we love the most about the new look is the color scheme that was chosen carefully to bring out the Caribbean feeling and relaxation found only in Aruba”, shared Mrs. Maragh.