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    Marriott Surf Club Guests Grateful for Taxi Drivers’ Act of Kindness

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    Marriott Surf Club Guests Grateful for Taxi Drivers’ Act of Kindness

    Mr. and Mrs. Fazio, timeshare owners at the Marriott Surf Club, were extremely happy when taxi drivers Herbert Croes (taxi #219) and Jose da Silva (taxi #150) went above and beyond to locate and return their missing valuables. 

    On Carnival Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Fazio checked in at the Marriott Surf Club for their long awaited two weeks’ vacation when they noticed that they were missing their travel pocketbook containing all their valuables such as passports, credit cards, cash and dinner certificates. Consequently, they ran outside to get a cab to return to the airport to look for their pocketbook. While talking to the bellman, taxi driver Herbert overheard the guests’ story and felt their concern and right away offered to help. He promised Mr. and Mrs. Fazio that he will locate their travel pocketbook.

    At the airport, Herbert was able to identify the taxi driver who dropped off Mr. and Mrs. Fazio at the Marriott Surf Club and contacted him instantly to check if the pocketbook was left behind in his car. Taxi driver Jose da Silva responded with urgency and drove straight to the airport to deliver the pocketbook to the couple. Mr. and Mrs. Fazio were extremely happy and grateful for the heroic deed of the two gentlemen. To show their appreciation, Mr. and Mrs. Fazio arranged a public recognition to openly thank Herbert and Jose for their immense help. Mrs. Fazio read a paragraph from a book out loud to Herbert highlighting that God heard their prayer and put Herbert in their path at the right place and time.

    Mr. and Mrs. Fazio have been visiting Aruba since 1999 annually. They enjoy the island and its people. “This is another amazing example why we choose to visit Aruba yearly. It is because of the kind people of Aruba that make our stay feel special,” expressed Mr. Fazio smiling.