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    In a Memorable Sunset Ceremony, Three Couples Renew Their Vows on Divi's Beach

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    In a Memorable Sunset Ceremony, Three Couples Renew Their Vows on Divi's Beach

    The plan for a unique triple vow renewal on Divi's beautiful beach in Aruba was hatched two years ago, when long time friends Jim & Lynne Etoll, Ben & Brenda Helmkamp and Christy & Doug Burgei decided to bring their kids and grandchildren to the island for their own renewal of marriage vows, celebrating a total of 106 years of matrimony!

    The love-birds who vacation here together each year, and their family members, started a count-down in anticipation of July 17th, 2013.

    Reverend Ruben Trapenberg officiate, as Jim & Lynne, married 34 years, and Ben & Brenda, Christy & Doug, each married for 36 years, all dressed in white, stood as planned on the beach at sunset, surrounded by loving family members, answering I do, each time the reverend popped the big question.

    We will never know what Lynne whispered on Jim's ear, or what Brenda said to Ben in private, but from Christy's smile when Doug slipped the ring on her finger it was obvious that the answer was yes, sealed with a triple kiss. And since the photographer couldn't be in three places at once, the traditional kiss was repeated to heartfelt applause from the three cute granddaughter flower girls, Eliana, Adison and Abrey