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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Moomba Beach listed as one of the seven best warm-weather spots to watch the Super Bowl

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    Moomba Beach listed as one of the seven best warm-weather spots to watch the Super Bowl
    Watch the superbowl in Aruba jpg

    Wow, isn’t it fantastic: Aruba’s MooMba Beach is mentioned on the internet as one of the seven best warm-weather spots in the world to watch the upcoming Super Bowl. 

    The internet article mentions: 'Yes, it’s a restaurant and no, you won’t sleep there. It’s the headliner here because it’s one of the best beach bars anywhere, and it’s strategically placed within a few steps of either the high-end Marriott Ocean Club and the more modestly priced Holiday Inn Resort on the other. Pick your hotel, just be sure to hit the Bowl party at MooMba’s. Big screen TV’s on the beach, and you can even reserve a spot.’

    The article continues: 'Speaking of choices, that’s what sets Aruba apart. It’s a longer flight than most of the Caribbean, but it’s well worth it. The island has an unmatched combination of hotel and casino choices, making it best in class in non-all-inclusive options.’ 

    MooMba Beach always puts on a great Super Bowl event, complete with hot dogs and chicken wings, beers in a bucket, DJ’s and much more, so visitors will feel right at home watching the action on the big screens, cheering and partying throughout the day and night. Make your reservations early, though: MooMba fills up pretty fast!