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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    More than one thousand participants at MooMba's New Year's Day dip

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    More than one thousand participants at MooMba's New Year's Day dip
    new years dip moomba

    The number of participants at the annual New Year's Day dip is growing explosively, but nobody had expected that more than one thousand people would show up at MooMba Beach to take a dip in the ocean to welcome the New Year. On January 1st at noon sharp, they took the plunge.

    ``It's an unprecedented, record-breaking number, which we are extremely proud of,'' says Alfons Linders, the marketing wizzard of the Aruba Wine And Dine (AWD) group, who organized the successful event. ``Some youthful partygoers had extended the festivities for the New Year by taking a dip, others were families and lots of visitors, who came down especially for the event. A growing number of Arubans is participating, which is great,'' he added.

    650 Unox hats had been doled out, the maximum amount that the world-wide sponsor of the pea soup afterwards is sending to the various shore locations all over the world, but nobody minded when they went underwater without a hat. The pea soup tasted just as good bareheaded as with a Unox hat.

    new years dip moomba

    The New Year's dip at MooMba has become a fun tradition on Aruba. Come and join the fun next year if you have missed the 2017 edition!

    new years dip moomba