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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Paradise Beach Villas sponsors a young-teen baseball team

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    Paradise Beach Villas sponsors a young-teen baseball team
    Paradise Beach Villas

    A recent uniform baptism at Paradise Beach Resort introduced Aruba Jrs baseball team, playing in the current local tournament to their crisp, new uniforms.

    Jrs Aruba, a team of fourteen players, ages 11 to 13, enjoys the guidance of 3 dedicated coaches, and the support of many parents and family members who  on the occasion, came out to cheer the newly uniformed team along.

    GM Freddy Albertus explains that 3 of the kids playing for the Aruba Jrs, have already been selected for the Aruba national team that will participate in a U12 World Series tournament in Nicaragua.

    Albertus also said, that it is the first team the resort has ever sponsored, and it gives him great pleasure to serve the community in that way, and make sure kids are busy and off the street during the hours of the afternoon.

    The uniforms proudly bear the Paradise Beach Villas logo, on the back. That logo was baptized with bubbles in the presence of the players, their coach,  the team's godmother, and parents.

    Cake, and refreshments were served after the short ceremony, courtesy of the resort. The honor to cut the cake was bestowed on one of the team mothers and GM Albertus.