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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Paseo Herencia Mall Introduces New Kids' Activities

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    Paseo Herencia Mall Introduces New Kids' Activities
    Paseo Herencia New Kids Activities

    Paseo Herencia Mall located in Palm Beach, is known for their diverse offerings and focus on entertainment for the whole family.

    Recently a new carousel has been brought to the mall. This new carousel has a lovely under water theme which has many sea creatures such as dolphins, fish and crabs just to mention a few. During the night time, the lovely ride has a marvelous light show that goes with it, which has a beautiful cool blue underwater effect. One of the best part of the carousel is that if the children are small, they are allowed to be accompanied by their parents, which makes it a fun experience for all.

    Paseo Herencia New Kids Activities  Paseo Herencia New Kids Activities

    In addition to the new carousel, Paseo Herencia introduced bumper cars to the mall. Paseo Herencia currently has four bumper cars that children are a

    ble to ride under the stars. The bumper cars have a beautiful color changing light effects. Furthermore, Paseo Herencia have their famous kiddy train ride and pony ride that is available. All kids’ activities operate nightly starting from 6pm.

    Paseo Herencia, always fun for everyone!