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    Peruvian Restaurant "Asi Es Mi Peru" opened at Paradise Beach Villas

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    Peruvian Restaurant "Asi Es Mi Peru" opened at Paradise Beach Villas

    Asi Es Mi Peru, opened on December 10, 2016 at Paradise Beach Villas by Peruvian-born Roxanne Salinas, features a genuine Peruvian Cevicheria where you can sit at the bar and watch the chef make your ceviche from scratch and to order.

    Ceviche, with fresh fish marinated in lime juice, is the Peruvian national dish and it’s prepared with an assortment of just-caught seafood, tomatoes, tostada chips, crisp onion, salt and hot pepper, the world famous aji amarillo. The tart and salty ceviche is accompanied by sides of boiled corn or creamy sweet potatoes, and/or crunchy toasted corn, creating a symphony of tastes. The Cevicheria also serves Tiradito, a variation of ceviche and reminiscent of Japanese sushi, deliciously marinated with a smoky aji amarillo.  

    ceviche_asi_es_mi_peru_restaurant  aji_de_gallina_asi_es_mi_peru_restaurant.jpg

    The restaurant gazebo features a genuine, colorful Peruvian marketplace where you can buy typical Peruvian crafts, with a portion of the proceeds donated to Aruba’s cancer foundation. Inside, the restaurant is a more formal dining room featuring the food that made Peru famous: Lomo Saltado (a stewed beef), Aji de Gallina (a creamy chicken dish), and a number of typical preparations for potatoes, with Papas a la Huancaina and Causa, topping the list. 

    On the second floor a private dining room for special functions flaunts just one long community table, with fourteen seats, great for birthday parties or family gatherings.  Plans are to develop a Chefs Table menu featuring Peru’s Costa (coast), Sierra (mountains) and Selva (Forest) through live cooking for small gatherings here in July 0f 2017.

    carapulcra_asi_es_mi_peru_restaurant.jpg  asi_es_mi_peru_restaurant.jpg

    Asi es mi Peru restaurant is located at Paradise Beach Villas and is accessible from the street adjacent to la Cabana. Reservations by calling 588-3958, or 525-4000 ext. 172 or through