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    Playa Linda’s celebratory lunch provides appreciation for longtime associates

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    Playa Linda’s celebratory lunch provides appreciation for longtime associates
    Playa Linda Beach Resort recognition
    Perla Baptiste receives highest honors for 30 years of dedicated service

    Making the most of a Thanksgiving spirit, Playa Linda Beach Resort chose to honor valued resort associates who marked a milestone work anniversary this year. 

    A celebratory lunch at Blossoms Restaurant was held Thursday among 15 honorees, representing a combined experience of 225 years working within the hospitality industry and contributing to the successful evolution of Playa Linda as one of the top timeshare properties on Aruba. General Manager Peter van Grinsven, together with Human Resources Director Sulaika Kelly, showered praise on the longtime employees, who were the guests of honor at this very special Thanksgiving lunch.

    Recognition and appreciation was shared for all employees celebrating a work anniversary. Marking five years are Grounds Attendant Aldemar Nuñez Patiño and Human Resources Director Sulaika Kelly. With the resort for ten years are Room Attendant Clara Roga, General Cashier Marisa Bomba, Painter Ana Maria Hurtado, Accounting Manager Ramphiz Croes and Preventive Maintenance Helper Michael Barroso. Room Attendant Catalina Ramos, Housekeeping Supervisor Mildred Croes and Pool Attendant Arnold Parlan reached the fifteen-year milestone. Literally helping to keep the resort beautiful for twenty years are Room Attendant Evadne Francis, and Grounds Attendant Jozef Tromp. For their twenty-five years of dedication, thanks also went to IT Manager Ciro Pimentel and Room Attendant Sandra Jacobs. And topping the list of those who have helped shape the Playa Linda is Accounts Payable Clerk Pearl “Perla” Baptiste, who marks an impressive thirty years with the resort.

    During Perla’s 30-year tenure, she has seen the accounting department move to a digital environment, with different tools and innovations, but found satisfaction in the simple art of dealing with numbers. “I like it when it all comes into place, and everything adds up, as it should. I enjoy the details,” she says with a smile.  

    Finance Director Ann Brinkman and Accounting Manager Ramphiz Croes agree that she has proven an invaluable asset to the department.  “Pearl is a hardworking, conscientious employee who is consistently accurate in her job. We hope that that she will be with us for many more years to come.”

    “The thirty years has gone by fast, and there are deadlines with audits and a lot of rush, rush, but I enjoy my work and the close working relationship I have with my colleagues. …I do like to read and to work in my garden also, and I will retire one day, but not yet,” she jokes. 

    Each year, those employees marking a milestone anniversary receive the traditional envelope, souvenir photo and plaque, but it is the annual Thanksgiving lunch that helps provide an extra, well-deserved “thank you” to the people who make the Playa Linda Beach Resort one of the island’s favorite timeshare resorts.