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    Plaza World Cup Aruba

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    Plaza World Cup Aruba
    Plaza world cup aruba

    Whether you are a year-round soccer fanatic that has been anticipating the FIFA World Cup matches since the last ball was kicked in the previous World Cup four years ago, or you just enjoy getting caught up in all the festivities and action.

    Aruba’s many bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues are already gearing up for an exciting season this June and July. Traditional Dutch cafés, American-style sports bars, and even toes-in-the-sand beach venues are setting up multiple viewing screens and offering food and drink specials for fans. Below is a sample of some of the festivities to look forward to. Plaza Daniel Leo, the large picturesque public space in the heart of downtown Oranjestad, will be transformed into “Plaza Copa Mundial Aruba” (Plaza World Cup Aruba) especially for soccer fans during the World Cup season. Live broadcasts of the matches will be seen on the largest LED screen in the Caribbean, with a food and beverage and shopping bazaar selling FIFA-approved World Cup souvenirs on site. All soccer fans can come together and get a close-up view of all the games of the World Cup 2014. In addition to televising the World Cup games, different activities will also take place. The objective of this Plaza is to bring the Aruban community as well as the visitors together in a fun and festive atmosphere. A first for Aruba, the Fan Plaza phenomenon is well known around the world as a place where the entire community gets together to experience the emotional moments of the World Cup Games.