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    Radisson Aruba
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    Radisson Aruba Resort Charity Run One vs. Thirty

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    Radisson Aruba Resort Charity Run One vs. Thirty
    Radisson Aruba Resort Charity Run One vs Thirty

    It’s no secret that Radisson General Manager Mark Lyttleton-Frances is into fitness.  On December 14, he challenged his colleagues to the first “GM Charity Run.

    The first “GM Charity Run,” a 5K race to raise money for charity and to stoke some friendly competition with his team.  The prize for the winner of the race was to donate the proceeds to the winner’s charity of choice, but the race was dubbed “One vs. Thirty”  as Mark Frances challenged that if he was defeated by any of the participants, then all the participants will receive their money back and Mark Frances will be paying the full amount towards the winner’s charity of choice.  The competition was fierce and Manuel Reyes pulled ahead to win the race.  “It was a fun and friendly race and I’m proud of Manuel and all our colleagues who came out and gave it their all.  It was a fun activity and I’m glad we had so much support from our other colleagues, guests and the local community.”  The money raised was donated to Casa Cuna, a children’s charity on the island.