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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Rancho La Ponderosa recognizes four special guests

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    Rancho La Ponderosa recognizes four special guests
    Rancho La Ponderosa honorees

    A much-enjoyed ceremony took place recently at Rancho La Ponderosa, in which owners Luis 'Lucho' Claro and Ramon Herrera bestowed equestrian honors upon four repeat guests of fifteen years, each receiving a special commemorative plaque.

    Visitor Kathleen Pryde received the title "Mejor Amazona of Rancho La Ponderosa." As a home owner at Tierra del Sol she frequents the ranch regularly.

    Tracy Montgomery, staying at Divi Phoenix; Blase Spinnozi, and Stanley Livingston, both staying at the Marriott Vacation Club, were presented with “Distinguished Horse Person” titles.

    The four met at the ranch and became good friends.

    Rancho La Ponderosa organized a great BBQ with their tour guides in attendance. The award ceremony was emceed by Coletta Zschuschen

    Ramon explained that the love for horses and especially those at La Ponderosa is shared by the four honorees, who visit each time they are here.

    Lucho who is one of the island's most respected horsemen reports his Paso Fino horses return the love, and turn out their smoothest gaits in honor of the guests.

    The ranch, famous for forging personal relationships with clients, which reach beyond the duration of the day-tour, developed a friendship with patrons in appreciation of their visits.

    With more than 35 years of experience, Rancho La Ponderosa remains a top choice among visitors and local residents, and as the place to go for outstanding horseback riding experiences.

    Pictured here Lucho, Ramon, guests and crew at the festive occasion.

    Rancho La Ponderosa honoreesRancho La Ponderosa honoreesRancho La Ponderosa honorees