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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Rancho Ponderosa opens its arms and its heart to De Palm Concierge

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    Rancho Ponderosa opens its arms and its heart to De Palm Concierge
    Rancho Ponderosa hosted De Palm Concierge

    Ramon Herrera and his partner Luis 'Lucho' Claro hosted a cowboy style BBQ at the ranch in Paradera last Friday night in honor of the De Palm concierges

    The ranch enjoys an excellent relationship with Aruba’s largest tour company and relies on the concierges for bookings and referrals. The fun BBQ featured great food and entertainment, emceed by Coletta Zschuschen, as a token of appreciation.

    Ramon explains that Rancho La Ponderosa works very closely with cruise ships and resort guests and has won a great number of seasonal awards, based on high ratings and positive guests’ comments, thanks to its collaboration with De Palm Tours and its professional, and knowledgeable staff.  Both partners report that the season has been busy, and that the accolades and positive feed-back, contribute to visitors' overall impression of their vacation on Aruba.

    Rancho La Ponderosa offers Paso Fino horses, known for their even temperament and comfortable ride, paired with quality, experienced guides, on safe, scenic trails and best of all, free pick-up & return to the hotels, which all help create memorable excursions, cherished long after the suntan is gone.

    Pictured here the concierges having hee-haw fun at the ranch!