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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    R&B Sensation Miguel enjoys Aruba during the 16th Annual Soul Beach Music Festival!

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    R&B Sensation Miguel enjoys Aruba during the 16th Annual Soul Beach Music Festival!
    Soul Beach Aruba 2016 Headliner Miguel

    For already 15 years, the R&B loving people of the Soul Beach Music Festival flock down to the One happy island of Aruba for a great concert experience on some of the best beaches in the world! Visitors also enjoy a well-deserved vacation with all that Aruba has to offer, - signature Aruba experiences, culinary treats in over 200+ restaurants, or just exploring the island’s natural beauty in a jeep safari. 

    This annual beach festival hosting its 16th edition in Aruba, delivered not only on the hottest daytime beach parties and a nightly comedy show but turned up the heat with live music performances by Grammy award winners such as Miguel, Fantasia, Jazmine Sullivan and the legendary Isley Brothers!

    After his electrifying show last night reporter Wendy Sabularse sat down with R&B sensation Miguel for some Q&A: 

    1) How are you enjoying the island of Aruba so far?
    “The people are so kind and hospitable, the water is clear, the food has been brilliant and I’m just enjoying everything in this beautiful place. When we arrived on the island a few days ago I felt like home right off the bat”.

    2) What are you currently working on?
    “I have been busy filming for Ben Affleck’s upcoming movie, which is very exciting, but I also have new music in the works. Currently I’m in and out of the studio recording new songs that will be released in the next couple of months”.

    3) Prince is definitely a major influence on your music. How do you feel about his recent passing and the more constant comparisons to Prince that followed?
    “It is an honor to be mentioned in the same breath as Prince, although I must be honest, those are pretty big shoes to fill. Don’t understand me wrong, I really appreciate the comparison but I do want to carve out a name for myself in the music industry. There are various up ‘n coming artists whose music is also influenced by Prince and I’m just happy that people who discover their music also dig deeper to discover and enjoy Prince’s songs. This way the legacy of Prince continues to live on”.

    4) Tell us about your song Coffee and what it’s about.
    “The song Coffee is about making and having beautiful deep connections with someone or something at an un-expected time and place. Basically just enjoying the moment which is what I also felt like for the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival”.

    Editor’s Note

    Miguel’s performance for SBMF 2016 was sensational from beginning to end as he has this electrifying charismatic presence on stage and still displays his humbler and vulnerable side in speaking portions before transitioning to the next song. Songs he performed were e.g. Adorn, Sure Thing, Simple Things, How Many Drinks, Do You Like, Coffee, Beautiful Exit and Gravity.

    He was definitely enjoying the crowd’s energy as he playfully and consistently interacts with the crowd throughout his set. He had everyone in the crowd enjoy themselves even more as he said to join him and do the 2-step dance.

    At the end of his set he gave a big shout-out to Jazmine Sullivan who performed before him and a huge thank you to his band as well as to the crowd for taking the time to come out for Soul Beach Aruba, and for their tremendous love and support demonstrated, bowing and clapping to everyone in the crowd section by section before finally leaving the stage.

    ATA-SoulBeach 2016-Miguel