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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Red Sail Sports welcomes “Don Bosco” on Board

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    Red Sail Sports welcomes “Don Bosco” on Board
    Catamarán Don Bosco Aruba
    For five consecutive years Red Sail Sports has treated the foundation, “Stichting Club Don Bosco” to a snorkel trip for their summer camp.
    With 43 happy kids and 18 volunteers as guides, the catamaran had set sail to an afternoon full of adventure and fun for her passengers! With Richard at the wheel as the captain and Carlos & Geoffrin as his crew, success was guaranteed!
    “Stichting Club Don Bosco” has been founded since January 1999 for children of all ages. No matter the race, religion or social background, Don Bosco works with and takes care of the children of our community. “Don Bosco” organizes a yearly summer camp for the children and this year’s camp was about “learning by doing” with the accent on discipline, motivation, devotion and attention.
    20 Volunteers with Martin Ruiz as leader of the team offer part of their vacation to accompany and work with the various groups of children.
    Let’s salute these volunteers who do this wonderful job selflessly and with a great heart and let’s salute Red Sail Sports who supports this Foundation for the last five years