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    Relax and Rejuvenate on the One happy island during Inaugural Aloe Wellness Month Aruba

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Relax and Rejuvenate on the One happy island during Inaugural Aloe Wellness Month Aruba
    Aloe Wellness Month Aruba

    For the entire month of June, the One Happy Island of Aruba invites guest to relax as the island celebrates a holistic approach to vacations with the first annual Aloe Wellness Month Aruba.

    The month-long program will feature activities designed to help visitors decompress, unwind and relax while experiencing the award-winning beauty and exciting local culture of Aruba. Participating hotels and spas will be offering a variety of special wellness packages designed to give visitors the chance to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

    “This new initiative was developed to showcase Aruba’s regenerative qualities, which appeal to luxury-seekers, adventurers and foodies alike,” said Sanju Luidens, CMO of Aruba Tourism Authority. “Aruba’s signature Aloe, our No. 1 export celebrating its 125th anniversary, is an integral component of this refreshing program.”

    Select on-island properties will call visitors to experience wellness-focused activities such as dance therapy, fitness classes and yoga sessions. Hiking along the more rugged northern side of the island or kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding atop tranquil turquoise waters is suggested for those seeking nature-inspired activities.

    Local chefs are adding a wholesome twist to classic island cuisine by orchestrating nourishing menus and dynamic, interactive cooking classes and demos that focus on healthy cuisine.

    Participating day spas on the island are preparing to help visitors reclaim a sense of wellbeing with a diverse menu of treatments that will incorporate the healing wonders of locally cultivated Aruba Aloe.

    Engage with Aruba via social media at or @Aruba on Twitter and @arubatourism on Instagram.