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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Running `Rondje Aruba' on May 13

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Running `Rondje Aruba' on May 13
    Manon en Jeroen.jpg
    Manon & Jeroen

    Good luck to Manon and Jeroen from sponsor Café the Plaza

    Manon de Witte (21) and Jeroen Stroosnijder (22) from Best (Brabant) in the Netherlands are greatly looking forward to the night between May 13 and May 14, when `Rondje Aruba', the traditional 75-kilometer run around the island, is held. The couple is participating for the first time and they are ready to go. Sponsored by Café the Plaza, they can be recognized by their running shirts with logo; the popular café in the Renaissance Marketplace also provides food and drink, sports gels and a jeep, which will accompany the runners. Jeroen is a marine on the island, so he is in top shape, and his partner Manon is a `natural', as their instructor noticed. Manon recently started running, but she is doing great.

    From 10 pm on there will be starts at the Marinierskazerne in Savaneta: first the single runners will cross the starting line, after that the duo teams and then the relay teams, which consist of four runners. The route is as follows: from Savaneta via the anchor at the entrance of the Colony to Arikok, where the first change of runner will take place, then on to the Lighthouse for the second change and to the harbor office for the third change before the finish line at Savaneta will be crossed. Each leg is about 19 kilometers, and Jeroen and Manon are going to try and keep a steady 6.30 minutes per kilometer in sight.

    For Jeroen Aruba is his second home: he spent 6 years of his life on the island when his father was a marine stationed at Savaneta. That is also the reason why Café the Plaza features high on his list of favorite restaurants on Aruba: he always went there with his parents. And now that he is back, he is taking his Manon for a bit of good Dutch atmosphere.

    Together with Café the Plaza we wish Manon and Jeroen lots of good luck. All the best during your first `Rondje Aruba'!