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    Salt and Pepper’s amazing menu for Restaurant Week in September

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    Salt and Pepper’s amazing menu for Restaurant Week in September
    Salt & Pepper Aruba

    Stuffed mushrooms, a grouper roll or a skewer: those are among the options of the three-course dinner at Salt & Pepper Restaurant during the week of September 6-13, which is Restaurant Week.

    That means that Aruba’s adventurous diners will be treated to a super deal for a three-course dinner at the eight fabulous restaurants of Aruba Wine and Dine. The restaurants are all different, each of them unique in its own way. Tango Argentine Grill, Café the Plaza, Fishes & More, MooMba Beach, Salt & Pepper, Dragonfly, Nos Clubhuis and Hadicurari are getting ready to receive you. The price per three-course menu will leave you floored: this is not possible in this day and age!

    At Salt & Pepper in the Arawak Garden a Portobello mushroom, stuffed with with ground beef and cheese or soup of the day are the appetizer options. And then the choice between peach fried grouper roll and coconut shrimps or a mix grill skewer with tenderloin, chorizo, chicken and shrimp, served with spinach, bacon and mashed potatoes. Dessert is a homemade limoncello pie, served with a purple corn sorbet. The price, as said before, is truly incredible!

    Part of the Restaurant Week’s profits will go to Maris Stella, the home of Aruba’s elderly. It is just one more reason to go out to dinner during this super special week. If possible, make your reservations in advance, as this will give you the best seats in the house.

    The sixth edition of Restaurant Week is a showcase for the eight Aruba Wine and Dine Restaurants – the chefs will be creating something truly delicious for you!