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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Seeds for healthy lifestyles are planted during Green Week at the Playa Linda Beach Resort

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    Seeds for healthy lifestyles are planted during Green Week at the Playa Linda Beach Resort
    Playa Linda Beach Resort Aruba

    Goals of a healthy future for the Playa Linda Beach Resort as well as its employees once again received emphasis during Green Week. For the 11th consecutive year, the resort organized an annual, week-long program of activities and lectures intended to involve and educate on best practices for real life improvements. Participation was exceptionally high for a Green Walk and the Clean-a-mile as well as attendance at varied lectures throughout the week.

    This year’s Green Week featured valuable information from Orlinda Rasmijn, giving advice on how to detox, City Inspector Marlon Pieters speaking on environmental issues including illegal dumps and the benefits of a clean Aruba, Melva Yanez, from the Aruba Alzheimer Foundation, presenting information from detection to care of an Alzheimer patient, and Social Services’ Enid de Kort speaking on the importance of leading an emotionally balanced life. The diversity of topics well exemplified the resort’s dedication to better ecological practices as well as how to enable individual, healthier outlooks and perspectives.

    Playa Linda Beach Resort Aruba Clean Up Team

    Playa Linda has a long history with seeking better ways to create healthier environments for its guests as well as its employees. The resort early on sought environmental certification and was the first hotel in Palm Beach to implement ISO-14001 ongoing, environmental management standards. Spearheading these efforts are hardworking Green Team members, with representation among different departments, counting Milda Ras from Human Resources, Maureen Wong from Accounting, Clemente Lampe from Grounds and Astrid Cocks from Activities, and led by Housekeeping Assistant Manager Nigaima ‘Nigi’ Ascencion.

    Nigi spoke again at this year’s Green Week presentations and emphasized the central goal behind team efforts as seeking a holistic approach that goes beyond clean-ups and recycling efforts, and show how interrelated we are to each other as well as our environment. “We have the power to create a more healthy, sustainable environment for ourselves for long term goals. The investment in green efforts and attitudes come back to us ten fold,” she explains.

    Playa Linda Beach Resort Aruba Nigi

    At the conclusion of Playa Linda’s Green Week, Nigi expresses satisfaction. “We had high participation and excellent feedback. It is extremely satisfying to hear what they learn here, and what they are taking home and also teaching their children. We are changing lifestyles, getting things done differently and making a difference. Our efforts pay off. It works!,” Nigi exclaims proudly.