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    CARLA P. GIGLIONE GUILLÉN Artista de Aruba
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    Tales from Aruba

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Tales from Aruba
    Dancing show

    Club di Movimiento( CDM) Recital - Tales from Aruba

    Club di Movimiento Dance school, situated in Noord under the direction of Samanta Westera Juppa is celebrating 18 years of existence.
    The 18th anniversary will be celebrated at Cas di Cultura on Friday June 26th and Saturday June 27th  at 7:30 pm and Sunday June 28th  at 4:00 pm.

    Tales from Aruba  first act will present dance numbers with antillan/Arubian classical, contemporary and popular music.

    The  audience will enjoy students from Ballet-Pointe, Classical Ballet, Latin, Tap and Acrobatics performing most popular Aruba's  animals, tales, dances and songs.
    There will be a special participation  from Coro Tutti Frutti from Miss Maybeline Arends, Marvin Rouse professional dancer at Occidental Grand Hotel and Leader Character Artist Ferdinand Franca .

    The second act will present a diversity of Jazz, Contemporary - Modern, Contemporary on pointes, Afro Modern, Tap, Street dance, Latin, Acrobatics and Lyrical .
    For the second act there will be a special participation of Elvyz Sanchez, Hip hop professional dancer and CDM pre- professional dance company, Youth Ballet Companionship.
    Club di Movimiento docents are Elvys Sanchez, Mayra Stroeken, Vivian Maduro, Samanta Westera Juppa and Invited guest teacher for acrobatics Mr. Juan Carlos Iglesias .

    CDM team and students are inviting the arubian community to join " Tales from Aruba" for a pleasant Arubian Ballet evening and afternoon.