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    Team Member Recognition Awards at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

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    Team Member Recognition Awards at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino
    Team Member recognition Hilton Aruba

    The recent resort recognition awards ceremony lauded outstanding conduct and achievement among Team Members during the month of June.

    The innovative award nomination process allowed both the customer’s voice and the team member’s voice to be heard, as Team Members became eligible for nomination by the number of mentions they got on TripAdvisor, and other review platform.

    The nominated front-of-house Team Member then selects a back-of-house Team Member who according to them deserved public praise.

    As expected nominees hailed from different departments, and the winners selected received a certificate for being Team Member/Supervisor or Manager of the month. The certificate included a short summary of their special contributions to the resort’s successful daily operation.

    Winners for June included Rosa Tromp, who was lauded for stellar administrative support; Silvio Hodge for tireless dedication to customer service at the hotel lobby entrance; Ina Tromp and Louisa Ferguson, from Housekeeping, Ina for exceptional uniform care and Luisa for scoring ten, three times in a row, on a guest satisfaction survey;  Huberman Jean, for being a team player in the Food & Beverage, and Elvita Rosario, for her considerable upsell skills at the Sunset Grille and for her ongoing engagement with guests; Jhune Gadia for his positive attitude and Emmely Polsbroek, for her friendliness and easy-going disposition.

    As Supervisor of the Month, both Alexander Roberts, and Elton Trezil outshone all other nominees; both were praised for their great team spirit, and self motivation.

    Aura Reed was the winning Supervisor from Food & Beverage. She distinguished herself by coming in at 5am to paint and clean her department for two consecutive days.  Jeremy Santanilla, from Engineering, joined the winning line up with Esperanza Castillo, from the Kitchen.

    As Manager of the Month Lisa Dammerman, the resort’s wedding specialist, received compliments for her total dedication to couples celebrating their unions at the resort, providing exceptional service and top notch follow up. Her colleague Marielle Smeets, from Activities, Angelique Croes, from HR and Sheldon Leuden, from Food & Beverage shared the stage and limelight, as the resort’s best managers for the month.

    Pictured here some unforgettable ceremony moments.