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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Team Members at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino are passionate about Blue Energy

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Team Members at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino are passionate about Blue Energy
    Team Activation Hilton Aruba

    The last week of June, and the first week of July were designated Blue Energy Activation weeks at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino celebrating the resort’s commitment to and passion for the Hilton brand promise and its core values.

    In the spirit of Blue Energy, Team Members were encouraged to participate in different sporting activities before or after work. They were invited to take part in cardio kickboxing, sunset yoga, outdoor Zumba, a morning run, or the weekly beach tennis tournament, with a different activity scheduled each day.

    Team Members were asked to sign up with one of the Blue Energy committee members for a taste of their preferred Cardio Kickboxing on the Miramar South lawn on Monday, Sunset Yoga on the beach on Tuesday, Outdoor Zumba, also at the Miramar South lawn on Wednesday, a morning run on Friday, or the Saturday Beach Tennis Tournament.

    The activities, orchestrated by the activities’ department symbolize the spirit of Hilton, and team members’ involvement was recognized by the Blue Energy Committee members as living by company values, namely: Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership, Now.

    “Living by the company’s values delivers on our brand’s promise,” says General Manager Hans Georg Roehrbein, ”which is to ensure that every guest feels cared for, valued, and respected and that Team Members live up to the promise by exceeding expectations of guests, fellow Team Members, and the community. “

    The Blue Energy activities were promoted to Team Members at the monthly excellence award ceremony, with a unique high-energy exercise session. 

    The Blue Energy Committee also celebrated its various achievements during Blue Energy Activation Week, achievements that include Earth Week, and Youth Opportunity Week, which offered a successful Career Day for students of Ibero American High School, here.

    At the end of Blue Energy Activation Week, the collective contributions of the Committee Members were lauded during the recognition dinner held at the Sunset Grille.

    Pictured here the events of Blue Energy Activation week, at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino.