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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    T.H. Palm & Company Celebrates 3rd Annual Rainbow Night

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    T.H. Palm & Company Celebrates 3rd Annual Rainbow Night
    T.H. Palm & Company Rainbow night

    It was a festive week at T.H. Palm & Company. Just one night after celebrating its 14th Annual Girl’s Night Out event on December 6, the boutique kept the party going, hosting its 3rd Annual Rainbow Night to celebrate the island’s LGBT community.

    “Rainbow Night is all about acknowledging the community that is still fighting to open minds and hearts on our beloved island so that equal rights can be obtained for the LGBT community,” explains boutique owner Jodi Tobman.  During the event, she took a moment to sincerely thank all those who are fighting with raised voices and passion to create a more loving Aruba.

    Besides championing equal rights for all, T.H. Palm & Company supports local charities through its Tikkun Olam corporate giving program.  Tobman decided to incorporate its annual presentation of checks to these charities into this year’s Rainbow Night, as she did last year.  The foundations receiving checks included Aruba International Dance Foundation, Ateliers ‘89, Bon Nochi Drumi Dushi Aruba, Fundacion Autismo Aruba, Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad, Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds voor de Kankerbestrijding op Aruba, Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba, Mary Joan Foundation, and Clown Doctors. Tobman shares, “These foundations work tirelessly to promote the betterment of Aruba day in and day out, and they deserve the gratitude and support of the community.”

    As the guests mingled, they were treated to the delightful creations of local chefs Bas Kuurstra and Bas de Boer, including bacon-wrapped meatballs, fish cakes, poke salad, and mini Cuban sandwiches.  Libations were provided by local forager Frank Kelly, who whipped up a very popular cocktail featuring fresh-squeezed lemon and oregano. 

    The guests enjoyed making purchases from the boutique's newest collections for the holiday season, including island-inspired clothing and accessories for men and women, unique home décor, a refreshed “Biba Lekker” apparel collection, inspirational signs, and a wide range of one-of-a-kind gifts.   

    Jodi and The Salamander Group Family extend their warmest thanks to every guest for participating in this special evening, as well as for making T.H. Palm & Company one of their favorite boutiques on the island. 

    T.H. Palm & Company is open from 9 am to 10 pm (until 10:30 pm on Friday) and is located at Playa Linda Beach Resort in Palm Beach.  Convenient parking can be found in the lot next to Dunkin Donuts.