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    T.H. Palm & Company Celebrates Dads at Beers & Bites Event

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    T.H. Palm & Company Celebrates Dads at Beers & Bites Event

    On June 16, T.H. Palm & Company proudly hosted its 3rd Annual Beers & Bites event, celebrating some of its favorite male clients and showcasing its fun selection of clothing and gifts especially for men.  There was a decidedly male vibe as the invitees and their plus-ones shared cold beers and plenty of laughter while perusing the newest offerings at the famed Palm Beach boutique.

    Store owner Jodi Tobman explains that in the world of retail, the emphasis is on women, but she feels that the male client is of equal importance.  “I wanted to do something to celebrate them, and decided to wrap it around Father’s Day, because if they’re not fathers, then they hopefully have one.”

    beer_and_bites  beer_and_bites

    Store manager Lina Sarmiento adds, “The event is our way of showing the community that T.H. Palm & Company is not only for women, but for men too.  In fact, about half of the store is devoted specifically to men with a wide selection of casual dress shirts, tees, shorts, books, gifts geared towards men, and more.”  Plenty more, in fact.  The emporium, which celebrates “Fun Island Living,” also offers men’s hats, watches, sports-related gifts, inspirational signs, and unique barware.  The store recently refreshed its signature Biba Lekker line of tees, and for Father’s Day, its popular Life is Good tee and cap line is “Buy One, Get the Second at Half Price.”

    As the attendees enjoyed their cold brews or sipped on wine, rotating servers provided a selection of meaty bites, catered by Taste of Belgium.  The savory bites included smoked duck, chorizo, and a beef stew braised in beer.

    beer_and_bites  beer_and_bites

    The event also gave T.H. Palm & Company the opportunity to remind clients that through their purchases, they support the boutique’s Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) program, now in its 10th year.  Through this program, T.H. Palm & Company donates a percentage of every purchase to a local charity of the shopper's choice from a menu displayed at checkout.

    Jodi and the T.H. Palm & Company Team extend their warmest thanks to each and every guest who made time to attend the Beers & Bites event and for making T.H. Palm & Company one of their favorite boutiques on the island.

    beer_and_bites  beer_and_bites

    T.H. Palm & Company is open every day of the year from 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM, including Father’s Day.  The boutique is located streetside in front of Playa Linda Beach Resort in Palm Beach.