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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    The 2016 Holiday Celebrations at MooMba Beach are Going Great

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    The 2016 Holiday Celebrations at MooMba Beach are Going Great
    Moomba Beach Niewjaarsduik

    Preparations for the Holiday celebrations at MooMba Beach are in full force underway. A great program of live music and DJs will make this Christmas into a lively, happy affair, culminating in a New Year's Eve party that will blow your mind. All stops are out for this deluxe champagne event: expect stylish decorations, subtly lit, glowing tables and a beach decor straight out of a fairy-tale.

    Of course MooMba is also the best place to watch the fireworks show on December 31st. The next day there is the annual Unox New Year's Dip in the ocean, warmly welcoming in the fledgling New Year with hundreds of `hardy' swimmers, all wearing orange hats. After their swim, there is Unox `erwtensoep' (Dutch pea soup with sausage) to warm up any chilled bodyparts or to chase away any hardy hangovers. As the New Year's swim is a worldwide event, those on Aruba are especially lucky: no freezing temperatures here! The Caribbean is probably between 20 and 25 degrees Centigrade.

    On Friday, December 23, Party Posse is playing from 8 - 11 pm; on Sunday, December 25 it will be The Untouchables who will have you swing and sway from 7 - 10 pm; after 10 DJ DNL will entertain you until 1 am.

    On Monday, December 26, C-zar is singing from 9 - 11 pm. C-Zar has a wonderful, unusual, voice which will keep you spellbound. On Friday, December 30 the band at MooMba is Bambu (from 8 - 11 pm). But things will really get going on Saturday, December 31, when Joyride will play from 9 - midnight; yes, with the countdown to the New Year while you are sipping glasses of stunning Moët et Chandon champagne. Expect Promo girls, an outside bar and various snacks as well. After midnight, DJ DNL plays his rousing music until 3 am.

    Moomba Beach Niewjaarsduik  Moomba Beach Niewjaarsduik

    On January 1st, you can sleep late, but be up at 10.30 am for the morning Zumba class and the customary dip in the ocean at noon plus the warm-up with a cup of Unox pea soup and then you can party from 11 to 7 pm with DJ Diablo before the Sunday night band comes on. At noon sharp hundreds of enthusiasts will hit the water all wearing their unique orange winter heads which are provided complimentary; such a nice a souvenir to remember Aruba by. Just don't be late! So get ready for a great Holiday Season at MooMba, where the best thing is that you don't need to wear your shoes, as you can dance in the sand and join the greatest parties of your whole life.

    Moomba Beach Niewjaarsduik  Moomba Beach Niewjaarsduik