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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    The Aruba Beach Club Hosts Official Anniversary Celebration

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    The Aruba Beach Club Hosts Official Anniversary Celebration
    Aruba Beach Club Official Anniversary Celebration

    The official 40th anniversary celebration of the Aruba Beach Club took place in the Raymond Maduro Lounge, in the presence local dignitaries, press members, board members and friends of the resort.

    “We’re celebrating the Aruba Beach Club’s 40th Anniversary in April, as Aruba's First Timeshare Resort,” said General Manager Farida Mansur in her welcome address, ”This is undoubtedly a very special occasion for us, and we’d like to reflect on the important role that Aruba Beach Club has played in Tourism Development of our Island.”

    Aruba Beach Club Anniversary  Aruba Beach Club Anniversary

    The official gathering was emceed by Mark Benson who welcomed dignitaries, among them the CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority, Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, the Minister of Tourism, Mike De Meza, President of the Aruba Time Share Association, Ursell Arends, other ATSA board members, neighboring resorts’ general managers,  and the management team of at Aruba Beach Club.

    Aruba Beach Club Anniversary  Aruba Beach Club Anniversary

    Vice Chairperson of the Board Cynthia Martorella spoke warmly on behalf of the board:”We are here today to celebrate the anniversary of a small resort with a big heart and a lot of love. Our members have been coming here for a long time, and we have developed long-lasting friendships and relationships. We are like family,” she added.

    Martorella then went on to praise the vacation experience at the Aruba Beach Club and expressed gratitude for being able to share the special occasion with locals and dignitaries.

    Raymond Maduro, as the resort’s original developer was invited to give a short but insightful presentation, recounting anecdotes from the resort’s early days.

    Invitees were also introduced to the resort department heads, who get credit for running a successful operation.

    Aruba Beach Club Anniversary  Aruba Beach Club Anniversary

    The Minister of Tourism, congratulated all involved for their contribution to tourism on the island.

    Snacks and cocktails were then served to steel pan music. The official celebration was followed by a public, pool deck, cake and fruit punch event.