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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    The First Eat Local Food Truck Festival proven a huge hit amongst locals and tourists!

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    The First Eat Local Food Truck Festival proven a huge hit amongst locals and tourists!
    Eat Local Food Truck Festival

    During the weekend of the 29th and 30th of April, Aruba held its very first food truck festival on Plaza Nikki Habibe in downtown Oranjestad. The highly anticipated event had an impressive turnout as thousands of locals and tourists gathered to taste Aruba’s local cuisine.

    A total of 8 different food trucks, each varying in flavor and feel, collected on Plaza Nikki Habibe in the main street of Oranjestad: El Mexicano, a popular truck with a selection of authentic Mexican street food; Candela Grill, a truck offering an interesting twist to the familiar food truck classics; Eataly, the go-to truck for traditional Italian meals on the go; Truck di Piet, a truck that offers a multitude of local favorites; Nos Local Snack Truck served up delicious Aruban meals as did The Little One, a small truck known for its big flavor. The ever popular Poffertjes van Pofferdorie and the Soft Ice Truck satisfied people’s dessert cravings as they served up delicious Dutch poffertjes and ice cream treats respectively.

    Pictures courtesy of Ayrton TrompNos Local Snack Truck. Pictures courtesy of Ayrton Tromp

    For those in search of some authentic alcoholic refreshments; a variety of Aruba’s best drinks stands participated: Balashi, offering Aruba’s premier local beers; Craft Aruba, providing craft beers and other interesting beverages; and Bros and Beer and Craft Beer Lovers Aruba, two stands that offered wide selections of craft brews to those looking for a unique beer experience.

    Eat Local Food Truck FestivalPoffertjes van Pofferdorie Pictures courtesy of Ayrton Tromp

    Aside from all the great food and drink options, a magnificent lineup consisting out of DJ Jaime, Sergio and the Shortcuts, Xavier Croes, Mirugia de Cuba, and Nico Connor provided live entertainment throughout the night. Authentic Aruban arts and crafts were also on sale as Korteweg, Aruba’s local art fair, set up shop near the plaza. All very good reasons for people to stick around while enjoying their meals.

    Eat Local Food Truck FestivalNico Connor. Pictures courtesy of Ayrton Tromp

    “Our goal was to bring locals and tourists together whilst promoting the culinary side of Aruba, and in addition create an ambiance where families of all backgrounds could come together to have a good time”, said Darice Solognier, Niche Specialist at the Aruba Tourism Authority. “We are very satisfied with the turnout of the event”.

    The first Food Truck Festival resulted to be an event of tremendous ambiance for entire families, both local and international, looking to enjoy the best truck food on the island accompanied by mood setting live music, local art and craft beers.

    Eat Local Food Truck FestivalPictures courtesy of Ayrton Tromp

    Stay updated on the next Food Truck Festival on the Eat Local Facebook page.

    For more information regarding participation please contact