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    The New Ritz-Carlton Spa Opens

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    The New Ritz-Carlton Spa Opens
    The Ritz-Carlton Aruba Spa opens

    Palm Beach -- The much-anticipated Ritz-Carlton Spa, an oceanfront sanctuary, is expected to open at the Palm Beach resort in early December, tucked into 15,000 square feet of elegant-tranquility, offering a novel and original spa ritual and an extensive, unique menu of services.

    The local community can now look forward to balancing its body, mind and soul, under the gentle care of professional spa therapists, combining the experience with the resort's savory dining, the lushly landscaped swimming pools and perhaps even a bit of gaming at the casino, for dessert, at the end of a healing day.

    Spa Manager Karin Cofino, reports that the spa offers 13 luxurious treatment rooms. They are equally divided into two wings, serving both men and women in their own separate, stylish and comfortable areas, including two his and hers steam rooms and dry saunas, and two outdoor, private Jacuzzis.

    The most exciting feature about the spa besides it being contemporary and gorgeous, is the elaborate spa ritual, designed to totally relax guests and transport them to new heights of wellbeing. The ritual was conceived with the help of the spa's local team, so that native plants, herbs and botanicals typical to our island experience are integrated in the spa journey.

    Many of the botanicals used at the spa hail from Dina Veeris’s garden, in Curacao, which is exceptional, because most spa cultures just borrow Balinese or Swiss traditions, but here in Aruba the new Ritz Carlton spa is 100% Aruba-inspired, reflecting our water, sky, earth & fire elements, creating a sophisticated and totally new therapies!

    Guests will embark on their spa journey at the welcome area where they will be encouraged to make a wish, stacking their own black lava stones from Black Stone Beach, which are now part of the greeting ceremony.

    And for a more distinct Aruban flavor, one of the spa standout massages, the Aruba Divi Divi massage, will be performed for 80 minutes with especially long strokes to originally composed music. No doubt a once in a life time experience!

    Communications Manager Myandra Croes, states that locals are most welcome. A special local menu offers very reasonably-priced massages, manicures, pedicures and facials, and a further discount is granted on Mothers To Be Treatments, Hair and Makeup, Barber Services, the Oxygen Bar, Wraps, Scrubs and what sounds like the ultimate treat, Couple's Massage Training, where couples learn to massage each other under the guidance of a certified therapist.

    With stress building up in our life, a visit to the Ritz-Carlton spa is certainly recommended and the use the Fitness Center and the rest of the resort's enticing facilities is included in the price.