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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    The People Behind the Playa Linda Success Story

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    The People Behind the Playa Linda Success Story
    Noreta Medina Playa Linda Beach Resort

    A beloved home-away-from-home for its guests as much as its employees, Playa Linda Beach Resort recently hosted a retirement party that was more akin to a warm send-off among family.

    Noreta Medina was at its center, having held different posts within housekeeping, where she distinguished herself through her work ethic and warm demeanor, over an almost 30-year-long career. Mariachi music played and toasts were made as colleagues as well as old friends helped mark Noreta’s transition into her well-deserved retirement.

    Noreta began her career at the Playa Linda back in 1988, when the Playa Linda consisted only of its first phase building, and the concept of timeshare was relatively unknown. But with its picturesque setting and through the superb hospitality offered through employees like Noreta, Playa Linda’s success was assured.

    Tom Pas, who was Playa Linda’s General Manager, 1988 – 1992, was a special guest at the farewell party, acknowledging Noreta’s contributions, working through the construction phases as Playa Linda completed its phase two and three buildings, and went on to well establish its reputation as a top accommodation in Aruba.

    “When I was GM, Noreta was one of the housekeepers who would support Playa Linda through thick and thin,” comments Pas. “When we started out, we set out to make something spectacular, from the look of the resort as well as its level of service. We invested heavily in training, and you still experience it today. When staying at the resort, everyone is very courteous and willing to please. That is service with a smile.”

    Playa Linda GM Peter van Grinsven, who now guides the resort as it continues to evolve its upscale appeal while maintaining a warm, welcoming atmosphere, remarks that the resort’s charm is very much based on the familiarity of home.  “A lot of our employees have been with the resort for many years. As much as we strive for our guests to enjoy a home-away-from-home setting, we do the same for our employees. The quality of our accommodations, combined with the community feel, is what helps set us apart.”

    Pictured is long-time employee Noreta Medina at her retirement party, flanked by former Playa Linda GM Tom Pas, left, and current Playa Linda GM Peter van Grinsven.