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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    The Salamander Group Concluded its Cool Campaign

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    The Salamander Group Concluded its Cool Campaign
    Salamander cool campaign

    During the last three months the Salamander Group held a competition among its sales associates titled “The Cool Campaign Challenge.”

    All sales associates were challenged to meet personal sale goals, and the opportunity to earn extra points via Facebook and Trip Advisor mentions and reviews. 

    The diligent sales associate with the most points, Ada Peña, won a “cool” prize, a brand new, stainless steel, double door, Whirlpool  refrigerator . It’s was exciting, she stated, to work towards a specific goal. I really wanted that refrigerator, she added.”
    The Salamander Group owns and operates The Juggling Fish, The Juggling Fish Swimwear, T.H. Palm & Company, The Lazy Lizard, and A Taste of Aruba, fun stores to spend time in, showcasing a broad range of trendy island wear, gifts and home accents located in the hotel areas.
    Besides motivating staffers, the company always aims at “The Repair of the World,” making fund-raising a core value of its business practices with its corporate responsibility program, Tikkun Olam.