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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    The Story of Loyal Visitors Frank and Carol Yurkovic

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    The Story of Loyal Visitors Frank and Carol Yurkovic
    Frank and Carol Yurkovic

    In 1977 Frank and Carol decided to leave their two little girls with grandparents and come to Aruba to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Carol says "It was then that we first fell in love with Aruba, our home away from home. This year we came to Aruba, Costa Linda to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary".

    Frank and Carol were 19 and 17 when they met via a blind date set up by Carols friend who was dating Franks good friend.  

        Frank and Carol Yurkovic  Frank and Carol Yurkovic

    It was 1962 in Glen Ridge New Jersey but they were not from the same area so their mutual friends arranged for a meeting at a gas station.  

    At the last minute, Carol's mom and siblings had to drive her there and the friends had to back out of the date. Frank managed to charm to Carol, her mom and the two sisters and their first date was underway.

    After several dates Frank got the "Greetings" letter drafting him into the Army.  After thirteen months in Korea Frank comes home and proposes to Carol on June 11, 1966.  

    On June 3, 1967 they became husband and wife and began to build a beautiful life together. There were struggles along the way of course but together they knew they could do anything.

    Frank and Carol Yurkovic  Frank and Carol Yurkovic

    And every year they celebrated their anniversary in Aruba. 

    In 1997 after many visits to the Island, they decided that Costa Linda was perfect for them and nothing else compared to it. 

    20 years at Costa Linda and 40 years of visiting Aruba the Yurkovic's have brought many family and friends who have also fallen in love with the genuine hospitality and beauty of the people and the island and have also become owners at Costa Linda.  

    Frank and Carol Yurkovic

    The Yurkovic's have been owners at another resort but say, "nothing compares to Costa Linda. It's the people here that make the biggest difference.  This is our HOME."

    This year, their 50th Anniversary, they are celebrating with good friends, Charley and Debby Weathers, who decorated the suite with banner, balloons and cake.  Costa Linda "family" delivered champagne and a gorgeous arrangement of flowers.  The surprise was perfect! 

    What is the secret to 50 years of marriage?

    Carol:  compromise. 

    Frank: cooperation. 

    And love. Lots and lots of love.