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    16ª Edición Soul Beach Music Festival en Aruba
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    Travel the East Bloggers in Aruba

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Travel the East Bloggers in Aruba
    Natural Pool in National Park Arikok Aruba
    Natural Pool in National Park Arikok Aruba
    Young couple discover Aruba

    Travel The East Bloggers Kristy Albano & Matt Pickering came to visit our beautiful island this month and wrote 2 inspirational blog articles accompanied by beautiful photography. 

    On their last day here in Aruba, Kristy and Matt went off-roading in our National Park Arikok: "This was our last excursion of the day.  Arikok National Park is a road-warrior’s dream.  The off-roading experience is nothing like we've ever experienced back home in the Northeast U.S.  This was easily the number one highlight of our trip to Aruba.  Depending on the adventure you take, be it tour bus or jeep, this is one expedition we highly recommend you take during you Aruba vacation." 

    Read more on their Arikok Adventure and their vacation experience on Aruba on or visit