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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Travelife Gold Environmental status awarded to Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort & MVC Eagle Beach

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    Travelife Gold Environmental status awarded to Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort & MVC Eagle Beach
    Travelife Gold

    For the second time in a row MVC Eagle Beach & Amsterdam Manor were awarded a Travelife Gold status.

    This is a sustainability certification that is granted to hoteliers after an independent audit is performed by British Association of Travel Agencies (ABTA). With a list of criteria which is found online, hoteliers can review their performance in regards to sustainable development, track their progress and also have access to feedback. As of today, around 17,000 properties around the world have participated in this program. 

    For a  property to maintain their Travelife Certification status, a rigorous audit is required every two years. This demonstrates the commitment properties have towards taking care of the environment which is crucial to many tourists as they enjoy the natural wonders and culture of Aruba. 

    Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort & MVC Eagle Beach are committed not only with the sustainability of the property but with the well-being of the guests and employees. They believe in incentives to motivate positive changes in people through information and participation. The commitment with sustainability includes environment protection, local culture, heritage and wildlife of our island.

    Sustainability is more than a compromise for Amsterdam Manor & MVC Eagle Beach, it's a passion.