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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Two Lucky Couples Won Return Trips to Aruba

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    Two Lucky Couples Won Return Trips to Aruba

    The island was doubly blessed this week with the presence of John & Mary Wilson from Canada, and Thomas-George & Linda Stephanie from Boston, USA.

    The two lucky couples landed a week’s stay at Playa Linda Beach Resort, round-trip airfare for two, and best of all, a $200 gift certificate for a Salamander Group shopping spree.

    The Wilsons and the Stephanies were referred to T.H. Palm & Company via one of The Salamander Group's other stores. As the couples handed in their referral flyers, they received raffle tickets. Raffles are drawn annually in December. Although the Wilsons won the Grand Prize in 2014, they just managed to arrange their getaway for this week. They have been coming to Aruba for 25 years and are loyal customers of all of The Salamander Group's stores. The Stephanies, also repeat guests on the island, landed the Grand Prize in 2015, and booked their trip for this week as well.

    The Salamander Group has been offering an annual free trip to Aruba through a raffle on its flyers and ads at two of its popular locations: T.H. Palm & Company (Playa Linda Beach Resort) and Caribbean Queen (Palm Beach Plaza Mall).

    Of the thousands of raffle entries, the Wilsons were picked for 2014 and the Stephanies for 2015, joining the Pizzos, who won the Grand Prize in 2013.

    Both couples arrived at the resort and were greeted upon check-in. On the following day, they enjoyed the shopping spree gift certificates, and are pictured here surrounded by their purchases.

    You too can win a free return trip to the island! Make sure you fill in an entry ticket when visiting the stores. At T.H. Palm & Company, the winners had plenty to choose from as the store offers an exceptional upscale shopping experience that celebrates “Fun Island Living,” with new merchandise coming in weekly and gifts for all holidays and occasions. The store is open from 9am to 10pm, every day, and until 10:30 on Friday. 

    A percentage of every sale is earmarked for charity via the store’s Tikkun Olam program, so you also do good while shopping, assisting in the “Repair of the World.” Through its support of the island's charities, T.H. Palm & Company is helping to make a difference in our community.