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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    VIP Bridal fam trip visiting Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa for yoga and breakfast

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    VIP Bridal fam trip visiting Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa for yoga and breakfast
    VIP Fam trip Manchebo

    On Wednesday morning, November 1st Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa proudly hosted approximately 35 top travel agents for Yoga and breakfast accompanied by ATA representatives. 

    The morning started with a rejuvenating Yoga class in the beautiful beach pavilion of the intimate boutique resort & spa overlooking the turquoise sea. After the class, Executive Chef Sandro Herrold prepared a delicious healthy breakfast with home-made Chia pudding, fruit skewers and fresh fruit smoothies which was presented in the pavilion. The beach pavilion was transformed into a wedding venue for this occasion.

    The travel agent group from U.S. and Canada is mainly focused on weddings and honeymoons. Therefore, the resorts Wedding Coordinator Nyoka Edwards proudly presented the possibilities regarding weddings and honeymoons at the property with a beautiful wedding setting on the widest beach of the island.

    The North America Bridal group arrived on the island on Sunday October 29th, and enjoyed quite an extensive program to experience all the great restaurants and excursions Aruba has to offer, organized by the Aruba Tourism Authority.

    As a health oriented resort, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is giving their guests the opportunity to live healthy even away from home. Manchebo is honored to be able to welcome travel agents to their intimate boutique resort to be able to experience a bit of the Wellness and rejuvenation offerings of the property.