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    Wet Bar & Lounge welcomes celebrity bartender Dyon Seedorf

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    Wet Bar & Lounge welcomes celebrity bartender Dyon Seedorf
    Wet Bar & Lounge celebrity bartender Dyon Seedorf

    The chic new Wet Bar & Lounge, located within the central plaza of Paseo Herencia Mall in Palm Beach, was proud to host a delectable demonstration by celebrity mixologist Dyon Seedorf of Curacao on Saturday, November 5.

    Dyon gave an impressive performance to rival Tom Cruise in "Cocktail" as he juggled mix shakers and exotic ingredients to produce some very tasty cocktails made with premium Loopuyt Dry Gin, a new addition to the Wet Bar menu.

    Developed in 2013 by the respected distillers located in Schiedam, Holland, the makers wished to create a unique product the would stand out from standard gins that emphasis a single ingredient. Only natural ingredients are eligible for Loopuyt Gin, which would mix effortlessly with tonic. "They wanted to create a gin with an accessible balanced

    Wet Bar & Lounge celebrity bartender Dyon Seedorf

    flavor," explained Dyon, "a pure blend of fine aromatic gestures and only natural ingredients,  which give optimal results. Loopuyt has fruity, somewhat citrusy, undertones, which makes it ideal for creating some of the exotic cocktails that we expect here in the Caribbean."

    He provided for sampling two such fresh and unique drinks he invented, "Honey, I'm Home," and "Roses from Broadway," garnished appropriately with hibiscus flowers. The first relies on fresh honey for its distinct flavor. It was a very impressive show when he enveloped "Roses from Broadway" in a glass smoker where he had torched some fresh rosemary, infusing the creamy cocktail with a delectable scent and flavor. It is also made with frothed egg whites, for a low cholesterol treat!

    steaming the rosemary

    Pepia Est is the exclusive agents for Loopuyt Premium Dry Gin on Aruba, and Wet Bar & Lounge is proud to be the first venue to add it to their stock. Their resident mixologists were quite inspired by Dyon and look forward to regaling their loyal patrons with some delicious creations of their own, featuring the quality gin.  

    Wet Bar & Lounge celebrity bartender Dyon Seedorf

    Wet Bar & Lounge is open nightly from 6 to midnight, and 3 AM on Friday and Saturday night. The charming al fresco night spot features dancing on a floating floor and some excellent DJ's and live bands. Be sure to inquire at Wet Bar for a special VIP card that allows free parking in the Paseo Herencia structure, as well as many other great perks.