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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Wet Bar Sushi & Lounge celebrates their first anniversary in chic style

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    Wet Bar Sushi & Lounge celebrates their first anniversary in chic style
    Wetbar Aruba

    Wet Bar Sushi & Lounge took over the central spot in Paseo Herencia Shopping Mall one year ago, setting a new standard on the island for an elegant, but welcoming ambiance geared to a discerning clientele.

    The cozy couches, refreshing al fresco surroundings, and breathtaking dance floor suspended over their pool all contributed to the delightful experience of relaxing for a few hours in a truly tropical ambiance.

    The lounge's special guests arrived with the ladies all decked out in flowery dresses or classic white. They were welcomed with leis and exotic cocktails from Wet Bar's master mixologists, appropriately served in fresh pineapple shells.

    Local Bambu Band provided an exciting musical background during the event which definitely gave the evening a unique touch and not to mention all of the staff were also wearing a nice flowery dress to compliment the celebration. 

    Many were surprised to find that Wet Bar Sushi & Lounge now has their own sushi bar in house, providing healthy and delicious late night munchies for those with a craving, within a most delightful environment.

    All agreed, one year of such an elegant and enjoyable night spot was definitely something worth celebrating!