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    White Modern Cuisine Debuts its New Seasonal Menu

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    White Modern Cuisine Debuts its New Seasonal Menu

    Fans of the restaurant located on the second floor of the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, have been anticipating the new menu reveal with a great sense of excitement.

    Over the past year and a half, talented and dynamic Urvin Croes, Executive Chef and Proprietor of White Modern Cuisine, had garnered many accolades and his fan club now includes food-lovers from every segment of our island society including many overseas visitors.

    The young creative chef introduced White, Modern Cuisine, his own contemporary eatery, on February 1st of 2012. While Aruban-born, he was trained in the Netherlands and in Italy, enjoying a solid career since finishing culinary school, winning gastronomic awards, and working in fine establishments including the Michelin starred Grand Hotel Karel V, in Utrecht, Netherlands.

    Upon his return to the island Chef Urvin joined a number of culinary artists at famed other local establishments, then at the pivotal moment, he spread his wings to open his own restaurant, White, promoting the harmony between food and wine, balancing quality and flavor, in their purest form.

    White Modern Cuisine made many visitors happy during the restaurant’s first year and a half. Chef Urvin tweaked his menu a number of times, based on locally-grown product, and continued to work with local fishermen, growers and foragers on their variety and availability.    

    “We treaded lightly at first,” he explains, “when we created our first menu. We wanted to see if the Aruban market was ready for contemporary cooking.”  Then in view of being so enthusiastically received he decided to go all out now, with even fresher and more innovative dishes, also introducing Vegetarian and Gluten-Free selections, showcasing unique taste combinations and the latest food preparation techniques.

    For the new menu, the chef explains that he is a fan of the latest global trend, namely the Farm to Table Food Movement and that as a result 60% of his ingredients never see the inside of a refrigerator because they are locally grown, harvested and delivered unprocessed to the restaurant, same day.

    The menu writing process Urvin shares, started with the veggie components. The chef first pondered the pairing of vegetable tastes, later coming up with the appropriate Fish, Chicken, Veal, Lamb, or Steak deserving the yummy garden infrastructure. You will find some old favorites on the menu – the Corn Chowder is back, also some revolutionary fish items with Cobia, Salmon, Cod & Chilean Sea Bass.

    The chef thought about everything including creating his own ice cream flavors for dessert and presenting his version of the local Quesillo, loaded with strawberries prepared six different ways. It’s crazy, but absolutely delicious.

    The stylish all-white, air-conditioned dining room, has a young and eager staff, ready to guide patrons through a sensual experience of sight, smell, and taste, with delightful, novel presentations of all-star favorites.  

    White also serves many creative retro and contemporary cocktails, concocted by the talented, one-of-a-kind Erick Bustamante, who is a true-blue master-mixer, and the best bartender on Aruba. His cocktails can be enjoyed at the bar with an appetizer, or dessert.