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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Wings Global Media Introduces New Photo Tour

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Wings Global Media Introduces New Photo Tour
    The Island Tour

    Explore Aruba with one of the best photographers in Aruba and gain beautiful keepsakes from the day! The adventure begins when one of our professional photographers picks you up at your hotel for a fun-filled day and private tour of the Island.

    During this four-hour tour, you will visit five locations where tourists can participate in a special photography shoot throughout the day. You’ll enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Aruba and receive a minimum of 45 pictures within 72 hours after your tour! From Aruba’s Rocky North Shore to breath-taking beaches, Wings Global Media will take you on an unforgettable tour of Aruba to some of the most exclusive, secluded places on the Island.

    Some of the locations that are included on the tour are Aruba’s famous lighthouse, the Alto Vista Chapel, which is the smallest and oldest church, and, of course, the Signature Aruban Fofoti Tree. As full-time residents of the island, the professional photographers know all of the best and secret locations of the island, providing fun facts about each location along the way.

    This Island Tour is an excellent way to tour the Island, without having to worry about capturing the day yourself – Wings Global Media will do it for you with their professional photography services! This special package that is available from Aruba Wedding is excellent for engagements, a romantic day between couples, pregnancy portraits, or for a family-fun filled day!

    The tour is offered 7 days a week to make it convenient for tourists to find a time that works well for them. Additionally, there will be times for you to do a quick and private wardrobe change within the four hour tour in order to customize your photoshoot.

    To complete your Island Tour, professional photographers will offer you an optional dinner at a local fish restaurant or a champagne toast. Additionally, if you are looking for Spanish speaking tour guides, This service is offered at no extra cost.

    For more information about the island Tour package, please contact (+297) 690-0954 or email Aruba Wedding photographers are looking forward to making your next trip to Aruba memorable and special!