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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Winners of the "Win A Trip to Chile Campaign" Announced and the Legend Lives On

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    Winners of the "Win A Trip to Chile Campaign" Announced and the Legend Lives On
    Romar Trading

    Romar Trading Company NV hosted a Casillero del Diablo wine activity in conclusion of the Casillero Del Diablo Win A Trip to Chile campaign.

    The event winners were honored at a special gathering, they were first place winner Junior Arends who won a Trip to Chile, Teddy Philips, who won a Weekend Stay and Diana Falcones, who won Dinner for Two.

    Wine artist Clive Faustin, welcomed guests on behalf of Romar Trading Company N.V., promoting the company’s top brand Casillero del Diablo, a wine legend from Chile's best wine valley.

    As explained by Faustin, when Don Melchior de Cas Concha found out that his wines were disappearing, he invented a legend that the devil lives in his cellars to scare off the wine thieves, and that is how the wine got its name.

    In is obvious, Faustin stated, that Don Melchior needed to protect the wine, because he liked it so much.

    Romar TradingRomar Trading

    Romar Trading