• Culture

    Today’s Aruba is a happy melting pot. Our multicultural history is reflected in everything we do, from our language to our meals to our colorful architecture and unique holidays and celebrations. 

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  • Aruba
    Our population of over 100,000 inhabitants is made up of a culturally diverse mixture of well-educated people with a friendly nature and a zest for hospitality. Today’s Arubans are generally of mixed ancestry of Caquetio Indian, African and European roots.
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  • Dutch and the local language of Papiamento are the official languages of Aruba, but most Arubans speak a minimum of four languages, including English and Spanish.
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  • Most of Aruba’s inhabitants are Catholic. But, just as people from so many cultures live harmoniously, so it is with those of other religious beliefs. Tourists are welcome at all houses of worship, although services are in Papiamento unless otherwise noted.
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  • Aruba Carnival
    Aruba's Carnival is a month-long celebration with over-the-top pageantry, music, parties, parades and more, produced by thousands and delighting locals and visitors alike.
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  • Oranjesatd Aruba
     A bustling harbor city, Oranjestad’s streets and malls are dotted with international luxury retailers, diverse boutiques, and dazzling jewelry stores.
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