Our Story: 16 Years ⁄⁄ 11 Trips

I was 14 when I visited Aruba for the first time. My parents took me when I was growing up, and when Kurt and I started dating, he was invited to join in the fun. Now we're new parents, and we are very excited to bring a third generation of my family to this happy island.

Before our son Mason was born, we used to spent a day at the spa, or snorkeling or visiting the island on horseback. Now we are doing the same as my parents did, focusing more on family. My parents love these trips because they earn "time grandparents' (and we took for a couples massage, much needed)! Before you go home each year, we make sure to spend a whole day on the beach from morning until sunset. There was a tradition of my parents, and now it's our family tradition of happy too.

--Angela Russell

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Some of our favorite places
One of the most popular beaches of Aruba. The calm, turquoise waters and picnic areas make it a perfect place to swim, dive and play for the day.
One of the greatest natural wonders in the Caribbean, this circle of stones and volcanic rock created a calm pool full of colorful marine life.
Located at the southeast end of the island, Baby Beach is a calm pond with sandy bottom. With a bounty of fish, which is one of the points of perfect Aruba Dive.
Some of our favorite places to eat
Considered one of the finest culinary experiences in Aruba, "The Old Man and the Sea" is at bay Savaneta. Dine at the water's edge, under the stars.
Experience the true ambiance of Aruba and world-class fare. Papiamento is located in a mansion 175 years old, with a tropical, lush garden bathed in beautiful light.
The winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, Sunset Grille is an intimate environment with a Mediterranean and Caribbean flair.
Some of our favorite activities
Piloted by a spirited young couple from Holland, you can browse tours of private swim or a sunset cruise.
Geography and nature buffs will love exploring Arikok. About 13 square miles of wildlife, spectacular rock formations and ancient caves.
Prepare yourself and take a walk through the beautiful scenic horse crashed to one of the true hidden treasures of Aruba terrain, the Natural Pool.
"You feel safe here, you can venture out by yourself and explore the island."
Angela Russell
Best Dessert
Order the chocolate souffle when you order your main course at the Sunset Grille. It takes a little longer to bake, but melts in your mouth!
Best Dinner with an Amazing View
Make reservations at Old Man And The Sea before the sun starts to download (usually around 17: 30h). You will enjoy good food while watching a spectacular sky.
Aruba Facts
Best Underwater Adventure
Captain John of Strea Charters knows the most incredible diving spots filled with tropical fish and vibrant corals.
Best Way to Relax
After getting a facial at the Larimar Spa, go to the steam room, followed by a dip in the cold water pool. It's extreme, but invigorating!