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2 Fools and a Bull
Palm Beach 17
12° 33' 57.7188" N, 70° 2' 22.9632" W

The Setting

2 Fools and a Bull opened its doors in February 2012. Situated in an old cunucu house built in 1915 and an antique firewall that we like to call the Bull. 
A foolish dinner party with 13 strangers that will become your friends at the end of the evening.

Meet & Greet

Greeted at 7pm sharp with a champagne cocktail is our “meet & greet”.  A 5-course dinner will be presented in front of you by Fool # 2, a classic no nonsense chef. 
Fool #1 will be your sommelier and host for the evening.

Smallest bar of Aruba

The smallest bar of Aruba, so if your lucky..we have your bottle, and a small wine office with bottles to choose from. The 5- course dinner has a wine pairing by the glass for you to choose from, small breaks in between dinner were you can mingle with the other guests. Coffee and tea with dessert and your evening will slowly pass by. As always….. a staff-meeting at the end of the night to wind down the evening. 

Rules of the Fools

After 3 years the Fools have experience in how to make your evening as comfortable as can be, but we just have some simple “Rules of the Fools”:Online reservations are a must, with that we need a RECONFIRMATION by phone , mail or concierge. If not? you are out! Diet restrictions? or Handicap with food? We really need to know upfront! Which you can do with your online reservation. You tell us at 7pm? Too bad! Too late! The menu is prepped by the numbers and the restrictions, but than again, you have to be a bit adventurous… Do not come in drunk! it is a hassle for you and the other guests, and we will turn you down! Romance? Dinner for 2? Well… are surrounded by 13 other guests.Last but not least….we hate phones! Pics are fine! 
So if you think that this can be your dining experience, please make your reservation on line. The Fools set their 5-course menu on $ 101 per person. Included is the welcome drink and coffee or tea. The wine pairing is extra by the glass, no ice tea available. We are located in the same street as Wacky Wahoo and Sole Mare, close to Sextacy, so 7 minutes from the High-Rise hotels. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays for your travelling convenience, we open the door at 7pm sharp at the front only!! Be Aware!! Internet and phone connections are not like back home! So to RECONFIRM, please use the local phone or concierge. The Fools.