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JE Yrausquin Blvd 382
Palm Beach
12° 34' 24.0744" N, 70° 2' 39.5916" W

Altamar a place with authentic homemade Italian food, warm inviting ambiance and a genuine friendly service that certainly will give each guest a unique and exceptional dining experience. The word Altamar literally translates to high seas or open seas. And this is what we aim to highlight in our restaurant. Our menu will offer the best and freshest seafood, prepared in ways that will accent the natural flavors of the sea.

Upon entering the restaurant you will be welcomed by the display of our catch of the day, live lobsters and oysters, signaling what would be an evening of excellent gastronomic adventure.

Start your evening with a cocktail at our premium bar. Allow our seasoned bartender prepare just for you our signature drinks. What makes our dishes even more special is the fact that our pasta is homemade. Yes, they are made fresh every day, just how Italians do it. Of course the evening is not over until you’ve had the grand finale, the desserts. Desserts are also scrumptious, including the ever present homemade tiramisu and gelato. Accompanied by our specialty coffees or after dinner drinks and you would definitely say that you have just had the most wonderful dining experience ever.

Located Palm Beach at the La Hacienda Mall. Altamar is open 5 days a week from 5PM to 11PM (the bar is open until 12AM).

Delicious fresh seafood and authentic Italian cuisine graciously combined with genuine hospitality, Altamar will surely bring La Dolce Vita life in Aruba.