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arikok national park
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Our commitment to nature preservation is huge! Nearly 20% of Aruba is a designated National Park and home to a long list of animal species and plant life. The Arikok National Park is Aruba's national treasure; we protect everything in it and so can you, just by visiting.

The Arikok National Park is a great place to spend the entire day enjoying the dramatic landscapes. There is a small entrance fee that goes towards the preservation of the park and the animals who roam freely throughout the 7907 acres.

The Visitors’ Center has a modern sustainable design and houses an exhibit of Aruba’s endemic animals such as the Aruban whiptail lizard (cododo), Aruban cat eye snake (santanero) and endangered rattle snake (cascabel). The Arikok National Park conservation fee is $ 11.00 per adult (children under 17 free of charge). 

Park rangers maintain trails and protect natural resources. They also act as guides, available to take visitors around the Arikok National Park for individualized tours that showcase fascinating flora and fauna and interesting historical sites. Hiking tours are available for groups up to 15 persons. Guided tours by park rangers are free of charge; they only need to be booked at least one day in advance.

The Arikok National Park is home to priceless gems that we know are rare because they are indigenous to our island. The Aruban burrowing owl (Shoco), Aruban rattlesnake, Aruban whiptail lizard, and Aruban parakeet (Prikishi) find our Aruba National Park the perfect address to live at together with the native flora and fauna supported by the protected unusual land formations made from lava, quartz diorite and limestone.

Moving around through the Arikok National Park is quite easy by car and also a great place to go hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding. You won’t be alone as thereare also herds of goats and donkeys, families of rabbits, birds and all kids of reptiles enjoying the park. Expect to see more than just breathtaking views and dramatic backdrops.

Aruba's national park also protects bats that have their home inside caves with authentic Arawak Indian drawings for you to decipher. Don’t worry, the bats are nocturnal and completely harmless, however they like their peace and calm so you are kindly requested to respect their tranquil environment. The Quadirikiri, Fontein and Huliba caves are located in the Aruba National Park.

Arikok is more than just a park, it’s a beach! Daimari Beach, Dos Playa and Boca Prins are popular beaches to enjoy, the water can be rough and currents strong, so swimming is not recommended. But if you want to cool off, Aruba’s hidden treasure is the Natural Pool, perfect for taking a dip!

On March 31, 2017, The Spanish Lagoon was added to the National Park. Some 19 new areas stand to be added to the Arikok National Park within the coming months.

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